11th                                        CAPTAINS DRIVE IN

15TH 17TH 18TH                 Club Competition – Singles Stableford

22nd 24th 25th                    Club Competition – Singles Stableford

19th 31st 1st                          Putting Divas – Count Your Putts (Stableford)


5th 7th 8th                             LEITRIM CUP * – Stableford

12th 14th                                Club Competition – Medal 1 (Stroke)~

15th                                         LADIES OPEN DAY

19th 21st 22nd                      Novelty 3 Club Competition – Stableford

26th 28th 29th                       SHANNON CUP * – Medal 2 ~


Starting 1st                          AUSTRALIAN SPOONS FORSOMES          

                                                             SEE BOARD FOR DETAILS

3RD                                         Sweep – Winner Takes All

5th 6th                                    Neven Maguire McNean House Open

10th 13th                                Club Competition – Medal 3 ~

12th                                         KINAWLEY CUP

17th 19th 20th                       The Sand Trap – Stableford

24th 26th 27th                       BLACKLION CUP * – Medal 4 ~

28th                                         FARROW CUP


Starting 1st                           GRANARD FORESOMES

                                                           SEE BOARD FOR DETAILS

31st 2nd 3rd                           Club Competition – Stableford

7th 9th 10th                            Club Competition – V Par

14th 17th                                 Club Competition Medal 5 ~

16th                                         St Columban’s Primary School Classic

21st                                         Captains Invite to Ladies  * ~

23rd                                        Mr Captains Day * (Mr Noel Melanaphy)

24th                                        Sweep (Stableford)

28th 30th 1st                         CLUB TROPHEY * – Stableford


5th 7th 8th                              Club Competition – Stableford

12th 14th 15th                        Club Competition – Medal 6 ~

19th 22nd                               Club Competition – Stableford

21st                                          LADY CAPTAINS DAY * ~ (Mrs Vera Waters)

26th 28th 29th                      MARY DOHERTY CUP * ~ (STROKE)

29th                                         Glencar/Manorhamilton GAA Golf Classic


Starting 1st                          NBCRI CHARITY – BEST TWO CARDS TO COUNT

4th 5th                                    Club Competition (single Stroke)

11th – 19th                             OPEN WEEK (See Booklet for Details)

18th                                         LADIES OPEN DAY (Stableford)

23rd 25th 26th                      Club Competition – Stableford

30th 1st 2nd                           Club Competition – Medal 7 ~


6th 8th 9th                             Club Competition – Stableford

13th 15th 16th                        TOAM CUP * (Stableford)

20th 22nd 23rd                     ILGU PENDANT Medal 8 * ~

27th                                         Novelty 3 Club Competition

29th                                         End of Year Scramble & Afternoon Tea


10TH                                       START OF WINTER LEAGUE

                * Golfer of the Year

                ~ Denotes Medal Competitions (Stroke Play)