Vera leads Spring League in Blacklion.

There are 8 teams competing in the 2019 Spring League under an amended format from previous years. The best four scores over the first 5 weeks will establish a top four which will play off on Sunday March 3rd. First and second prizes will be awarded weekly. The winners and runners-up will be presented with their prizes at the Captains’ Drive-in.

A sterling performance by team 7 has them 7 points ahead at this early stage. This is due in no small measure to Vera Waters with a magnificent 36 points. Gareth McMorris of team 8 was runner-up with 33 points

Team positions after week one:

Team  7                   125                                Team  6               110  

Team  2                   118                                Team 4                 106

Team  8                   117                                Team 5                  103

Team 3                     113                               Team 1                    97

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