Spring is here!

After a long winter, the spring league got underway last week. Nine teams of five players will compete over five weeks with the top three scores from each team counting towards a winning total.

Gold star for week one goes to Roly Curran whose 34 points helped team 8 to an early lead. Kevin McElhatton was runner-up on 33 points.

Team positions after week one:

Team             Points

8                         94

1                         88

3                         85

5                         84

4                         82

9                         79

With all teams evenly matched, this should be an exciting competition.

Top Tip is team 4: Jimmy Donovan’s experience and consistency augurs well for victory. Peter Cumisky, now back to full fitness, will certainly contribute while Seamus Falconer is a veteran and will produce top scores. Fred Potter and Narm Boshle, stars of the winter league, will hope to reproduce the form that made them so successful.