The subscriptions for the various categories of membership are listed below and are due from January 2019. Subscriptions should be given to the Hon. Membership Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Bar Steward or any other officer, who will issue a receipt.

Please note that all subscriptions must be paid before playing the course and, at the latest, by  March 17th. The 2019 fees are listed below in column 2. If paid by January 31st, some fees will be reduced as per column 3.

A fee of €27.50 for Golfer’s Insurance should be added to the annual subscription. This is optional but is strongly recommended. This insurance does not apply to juvenile or pavilion members. In the case of family membership, €55 will be necessary to cover both partners, unless the Club is informed otherwise.

Members who have reached the age of 65 and who have been members for at least 5 years are also entitled to a 5% reduction. This does not apply to G.U.I/I.L.G.U.I fees or insurance, which must be paid in full.

2019 Fee €uro Reduced Fee €uro
Full Member (male or Female)  450 (+23) 420 (+23)
Family* Members (One full and one associate member)  650 (+51) 610 (+51)
Associate Members (Female)  350 (+28) 320 (+28)
Country** Members(Male)  260
Country** Members* (Female)  200
Country** Members* (Family)  330
Course*** Members* (Male)  230
Course*** Members* (Female)  150
Course*** Members* (Family)  270
Student (In full time education)  170
Pavilion or ‘holding’ Member  100
Junior Member (free when parent is a full member)  50

Please note that members taking part in competitions must also pay the G.U.I & I.L.G.U. membership fees – shown in brackets: G.U.I. = €23, I.L.G.U. = €28


New Special Membership Offer for 2019: full membership (including GUI fee) for only €240 in first year and €340 in 2020 (Associate members €210 and €280). This offer is open to new members and lapsed members of two years or more.

* Family Membership entitles both partners to play in club competitions. Children under 18 years, who are in full-time education, may play the course but cannot enter competition

**Country Membership entitles holders to play in club competitions but they do not qualify for President’s or Captains’ prizes or Golfer of the Year Points. There is no distance restriction but applicants must be full members of another GUI affiliated golf club and can only be accepted as Country Members on receipt of a handicap certificate from such.

***Course Membership is an “annual green fee”.

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